Project Objectives

EU have as one of its main objectives to bring high quality education. As a way to achieve that goal, gamification is to be considered one of the most valuable assets that can be applied to already existing or new courses, making them more fun to undergo and easy to follow, giving also to students a perception of their progresses that may be easier to understand. 

The General Objective of this project, as inferable from what stated before, is to support the promotion of high‐quality and innovative teaching based on the application of gamification strategies.

Specific Objective 1

Fine the state of the art of gamification applied in entrepreneurial education and detect to what extent the target group is already engaged with gamification practices.

Specific Objective 2

Strengthen gamification skills and their application knowledge for VET educators.


Expand the knowledge of VET providers on the existing gamified courses via the identification and outlining of the situation of gamification practices applied to entrepreneurial VET education, and increase the awareness of the aforementioned subjects on the possibilities that gamification techniques could bring to their courses.

Strengthen gamification knowledge of VET providers as to allow them to teach the application of what they learned to entrepreneurial activities, and strengthen their ability to gamify their entrepreneurial courses.